These separate classes are designed to meet the physical, intellectual, social and emotional developmental stages of toddlers 18 months to 36 months.  Our educational curriculum is carried to meet the individual needs and interests of each child.

Toddlers demonstrate a natural curiosity about the world around them.  They are eager to explore and learn new things that help create independence and develop a sense of identity through interaction with their peers.

Pro Tip

Bathe your child in a laundry basket so that their toys don’t float away.

Our toddlers are stimulated to reach their full potential through play and classroom experiences.  We provide an environment and a wide variety of activities that are appropriately challenging to encourage toddler growth.  These experiences include work with fine and gross motor skills, language, math, science, art, music and social skills as well as toilet training.

When your child shows readiness for toilet training, this interest is encouraged with love, understanding and patience.  Both parent and staff cooperation is essential in establishing success.

I recommend this daycare to everyone I know who has children.Parent

When your child becomes part of our center, you will see questions turned into answers, hear the laughter and feel good about choosing Young Learner’s World.  Our goal is for children to develop a love of learning that will continue throughout life.

Our Daily Schedule

The following is a suggested daily schedule we follow, although some scheduling is subject to change due to events and other changes.


6:30-  8:30        Arrival and Social Play
8:30-  8:45       Clean-up and Hand Washing
8:45-  9:15        Snack
9:15-  9:30       Circle Time (Good Morning Songs and Story)
9:30-  9:45       Diaper Change and Potty Time
9:45-10:15       Interest Centers (Social Skills)
10:15-10:30       Teacher Directed Activity
10:30-11:00       Outside Play (weather permitting) or Gross Motor Games


11:00-11:15       Hand washing
11:15-12:00       Lunch
12:00-12:15       Movement with Music
12:15-12:30       Diaper Change and Potty Time
12:30-  2:30       Naptime
2:30-  2:45       Hand Washing


2:45-  3:15       Snack
3:15-  4:00       Outside Play (weather permitting) or Gross Motor
4:00-  4:30       Table Toys
4:30-  4:45       Diaper Change and Potty Time
4:45-  6:00      Child Directed Activity

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