Infant Care

The infant care room at Young Learner’s World is designed for babies 6 weeks to 18 months.  In our nursery, your baby will have all their needs met in a loving and nurturing atmosphere as a “Home Away From Home.”

Our goal is to provide quality care for your infant in a safe, sanitary and stimulating environment that will enhance their social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth as well as development.

Pro Tip

To stop nighttime coughing, rub vapor rub on their feet and put socks over them.

We have a separate crib area to ensure restful sleep for your child and a play area filled with toys designed to stimulate even the youngest mind.  Your child will receive a balance of quiet time and stimulating planned activities to promote language, sensory, visual, auditory, fine motor, gross motor and cognitive skill development.  The teacher introduced the babies to early social interaction by spending time with each child individually as well as in a group setting.  This is a first step toward more independent actions by babies, as they learn to amuse themselves by watching others and play with toys.  Each infant will have an assigned primary caregiver, who will prepare a daily report for parents with details of their child activities for the day.

We had a really good experience here. My daughter actually asked me to pick her up later so that she could stay and play.A Parent

There are plenty of opportunities for your child to bond with our staff members that spend quality time with each infant, giving them the cuddling and personal attention needed by babies.  The feeding and sleeping schedules are similar to those you follow at home, providing a smooth transition for both babies and parents.

Our Daily Schedule

The following is a suggested daily schedule we follow, although some scheduling is subject to change due to events and other changes.


6:30-  7:00       Arrival
7:00-  7:45        Transition/Social Development Activitie
7:45-  8:00       Diaper Change
8:00-  8:30        Morning Snack and/or Bottle Feeding
8:30-  9:30        Teacher Directed Activity
9:30-  9:45        Music Time
9:45-10:00        Diaper Change
10:00-10:45        Gross Motor and/or Outdoor Play


10:45-11:00        Story Time
11:00-11:30        Movement with Music
11:30-12:00        Lunch/Finger Foods for Small Muscle Development and/or Bottle Feeding
12:00-12:15        Diaper Change
12:15-  1:30        Naptime
1:30-  2:00         Sensory Exploration


2:00-  2:15          Diaper Change
2:15-  2:45        Afternoon Snack and/or Bottle Feeding
2:24-  3:15        Reading
3:15-  4:00        Small Motor Skills
4:00-  4:15        Diaper Change
4:15-  6:00        Child Directed Activity

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